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Ask Doctor Science!

(you have to know these things when you're King)

Doctor Science
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I promise I'm reading and thinking about all the comments people make to my LJ, but I can't promise to reply to them all -- I'm actually quite a slow writer with limited free time. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

Just so's you know: Here's how friending/stalking/widgeting works around Casa Science.

1. I friend hundreds of LJs, too many to follow.

2. I have a bunch of filters for different purposes and with different numbers of LJs on them.

3. Which filter I read at any given time depends on RL and random factors, so you can't count on me reading your LJ just because I've friended you.

4. You never need ask nor feel guilty about friending/defriending me. To be honest, I probably won't even notice for weeks unless I find myself reading your f-locked posts.

5. If you've friended me and I haven't friended you back, it doesn't mean much. I only go through my friend-of list every couple of months, looking
at the LJs of people who aren't on my flist and deciding if I want to add them, and to which filter.

6. I have un-friended very rarely. It may be because you mostly use your LJ for cranky venting or to talk about things in which I have *no*
interest, it may be because your default icon is visually disturbing (because I'm a wimp that way), or it may be that I've put you on a separate browser bookmark to read only when I'm in a certain mood.

So, the upshot is: put me on or off your flist at your whim, I swear I will not be upset either way. I do my best to think of the flist as "the widget list", and not let my feelings of personal friendship get too tangled up in it.

My current mood theme was made by lapetite_kiki based on her manips; I am using it with her gracious permission.

My icons were mostly not made by me. "ICR" in the icon comment means "I can't remember" who made it; please let me know if you recognize where one of my icons came from.

Adulthood notification: chances are I'm older than you.


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